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BEETLEJUICE: The musical 

Pearson Casting, in association with Creative Studios by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, is delighted to be opening their search for the inaugural cast of BEETLEJUICE: THE MUSICAL onboard the Norwegian VIVA in 2023.

Director: Catie Davis, (Broadway Associate Director), based on original Broadway direction by Alex Timbers

Choreographer: Connor Gallagher (Broadway Choreographer)

Music Supervisor: Kris Kukul (Broadway Music Supervisor)

Assoc. Choreographer: Michael Fatica

Sr. Manager, Theatrical Casting NCLH: Franklyn Warfield

London Casting Partner: Pearson Casting

Auditions in London: January 16-24, 2023

Rehearsals begin on or about May 8, 2023

Board the Norwegian VIVA on or about August 4, 2023

End of contract TBD up to 6 months onboard

Itinerary: Mediterranean and Caribbean


Beetlejuice & Lydia: Theatrical Guest Entertainer status at $2000/week

PRINCIPALS: Starting at $1,300/week

ENSEMBLE: Starting at $1,100/week


Certain cast members will also participate in other entertainment onboard including, but not limited to, an additional cabaret performance, live event, and/or a nightclub experience for an additional salary incentive.




[BEETLEJUICE] ageless conman, somewhere between 12 and 12,000, maturity-wise. Beetlejuice was born dead and is deeply lonely, but his problem is that he’s invisible to living people. He wants nothing more than a chance to experience life, and he has a plan! Beetlejuice is more than a little ADD in his excitement; a motormouth who mimics human emotion and has zero understanding of personal boundaries. Strategic and cagy and wildly dangerous in his pursuit, Beetlejuice meets his match in Lydia. He is relentlessly positive in the face of never-ending obstacles on his journey to becoming alive. Excellent singer. Any ethnicity. Bold, physical, comedic actor. No taller than 6’0”.

[LYDIA] late teens, Dark, smart and moody, with a jet-black sense of humor and a streak of anarchy, Lydia's a step ahead of almost everyone she meets, living or dead, but she's at the mercy of a mania, just like Beetlejuice. Lydia wants life to mean something. The world seems small to Lydia since her mother died; she longs for it to reveal itself as something more fantastical than it is. Heart-forward, and on a quest to find a reason to live. Great rock belt/mix voice. Any ethnicity. Dry, comic actor. No taller than 5’3/5’4.

[BARBARA] mid 30s, is a mouse that didn't roar. Which doesn't mean she can't. Sweetly neurotic, devoted to her carefully-curated house and her careful curator of a house-husband, Barbara is positive, affirming, and unfailingly kind. She and Adam strenuously protect each other while inadvertently holding each other back. Barbara has a fierce heart and a heroic mother-bear instinct. A deft, subtle comic actress, disarmingly honest. Any ethnicity. Great Pop/Musical Theater voice with a strong mix.

[ADAM] mid 30s, Adam is one of those “nice guys” who only have two problems: Can’t seem to get anything started, can’t seem to get anything finished. A putterer-craftsman, Adam adores his wife Barbara and the cozy, cloistered, slightly claustrophobic, conspicuously childless life they’ve built together. What Adam doesn’t realize is: That fastidiously unfinished life of his is nearly finished. Any ethnicity. Great singer.

[CHARLES] mid 40s/early 50s, is a mini-mogul who needs to control life's chaos to feel safe. And yet, not far beneath his diamond-hard surface, he feels constantly out of control. In the wake of losing his wife, he refuses to look back as he attempts to rebuild the world for himself and his daughter. Charles is a master-class in blustery overcompensation and strict compartmentalization, but below the surface there is a softness and vulnerability he is afraid to let out. Any ethnicity. Actor who sings.

[DELIA] 30s-40s, ditzy yet ambitious, Delia is unfailingly positive, and always looking for a silver lining, even when nobody’s asking for one. Delia is a searcher, longing for a place to belong, and under her optimistic surface there are demons she keeps at bay (most of the time). She’s never faced anyone as smart and cutting as Lydia before, but sees that Lydia is struggling and feels she has a lot to give. Any ethnicity. Excellent singer with a strong pop/belt/mix.


[ENSEMBLE DANCERS] Fantastic dancer/singers of all shape/sizes/genders/types to play various characters and residents of the Netherworld including MISS ARGENTINA. Should have fantastic jazz skills; some tracks will break, tumble, and do tricks. Great singing voices and comedy skills are a plus.

[ENSEMBLE SINGERS] Fantastic singer/dancers of all shape/sizes/genders/types to play various characters and residents of the Netherworld including JUNO, MAXIE & MAXINE DEAN, GIRL SCOUT. Should have fantastic singing voices and be comedy forward. Will understudy principal characters.

[JUNO] Ancient, grouchy, and an unrepentant chain smoker, Juno is the great-great- grandmother of all demonic bureaucrats. She's chief gatekeeper of the Netherworld, the supremely underwhelming afterlife that awaits us all, and she takes that job very seriously. She's got ice water and red tape running through her veins (the ones that haven't varicosed), and deeply enjoys the strict rules that she has imposed. Efficiency and organization mean she doesn’t have to work any harder than necessary, and so she runs a tight ship. Juno processes one hundred and sixty thousand people a day into the Netherworld and has seen it all...except for a living person. Also plays MAXINE.

[MISS ARGENTINA] – A deceased beauty queen who took her own life in the wake of her triumph as Miss Argentina. Now she is the friendly face of the Netherworld, welcoming the recently deceased to a purgatory of nothingness. She would do anything for another chance at life; to embrace it for all of its highs and lows. Miss Argentina has a healthy sense of ego and vanity. Fantastic singer and dancer.

[GIRL SCOUT] – An adorable, sunny, optimistic pre-teen who is determined to make her first cookie sale. She lives with congenital heart disease and just one shock could kill her, but she’s not going to let that get in the way of her mission. No taller than 5’3. Understudies LYDIA.

[MAXIE DEAN] – A boisterous self-made entrepreneur who loves to laugh. He’s used to being the alpha in the room, has money coming in from all sorts of places, and never leaves home without his legal team. Maxie approaches his personal life like business, always looking for the next best endeavor, and is deeply infatuated with his current wife Maxine. Understudies CHARLES.

[MAXINE DEAN] – The recent trophy wife of Maxie who enjoys being the eye candy. She knows the honeymoon phase won’t last forever, and hopes she is of interest long enough to inherit Maxie’s estate. Slightly out of her element but eager to be in the room where the most exclusive, exciting thing is happening. Also plays JUNO.

To be considered, please have your representation submit via Spotlight or send your headshot and resume, along with any videos that best shows off your dance, acting, and vocal ability to with

YOUR NAME/ROLE/BEETLEJUICE in the subject line.  We do not accept downloadable files.

Due to Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings’ 100% percent vaccination policy, cast members chosen for this project must be fully vaccinated including any boosters.

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