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An uplifting new concert musical, inspired by the Bristol Bus Boycott, performed in the heart of communities across the West Midlands. It’s 1963 and the Swinging Sixties have arrived: The Beatles release their debut album, the mini skirt is born and the Civil Rights movement is gaining ground in America. Back in the UK, the country is emerging from the Big Freeze. As temperatures thaw, tensions are running high in Bristol where the Omnibus Company refuses to employ Black or Asian drivers or conductors. Paul Stephenson, an idealistic youth worker, takes to the streets to stand up for equality. Lorraine, a teenager, newly-arrived from Jamaica, joins the fight and, in so doing, finds her voice and becomes part of a movement that changes history. With an explosive, feel-good score bursting with ska, calypso and rock ‘n’ roll… this is a story of allyship, standing up for what you believe in, and – ultimately – finding joy.


Birmingham 2022 Festival presents a China Plate &

Birmingham Hippodrome production. Produced
in association with Warwick Arts Centre,
City of Wolverhampton Council and DRPG Creative.


Based on an original idea by Christopher Haydon

Book by Roy Williams

Music and Lyrics by Tim Sutton

Direction by Christopher Haydon

Choreography by Dannielle ‘Rhimes’ Lecointe

Design by Soutra Gilmour


BIRMINGHAM:  30th March First Round Auditions

BRISTOL:  1st April First Round Auditions

We are very keen to see performers from Birmingham, Bristol and the Midlands for this project.


APRIL 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th First Round Auditions

APRIL 8TH Finals


Rehearsals: (Birmingham Hippodrome)

Monday 25th July - Saturday 13th August.

Tech/dress rehearsals:

Monday 15th August - Thu 18th August

Performances (schedule TBC):

Friday 19th August - Sunday 28th August

Generously supported by Arts Council England and The National Lottery Heritage Fund. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Birmingham City Council.

The R&D for To The Streets! was supported by Blueprint: Without Walls R&D Investment Fund. 


LORRAINE, F, Black-Caribbean, Character age 15/16, playing age mid-teens – early 20s

Recently arrived in Bristol from Jamaica to join her father Des, Lorraine is searching for a sense of belonging in her new home. Inspired by her mentor Paul she joins the boycott protest and finds her voice as a young Black woman. LEAD.

 Accent & Dialects: Jamaican, Patois

Vocal range: Pop Mezzo-Soprano, belt to Eb


PAUL, M, Black African-Caribbean, mid-20s to early 30s

Paul is Bristol’s first Black youth worker. Determined to expose ingrained discrimination and fight for change he hatches a plan and leads the Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963. Charming, persuasive, driven. LEAD

 Accent & Dialects: RP

Vocal range: Tenor to G


ROY + as cast, M, Black-Caribbean, early – mid 30s

Founding member of the West Indian Development Council, working alongside Paul to make the Boycott successful. Mischievous, defiant, a born activist.

 Accent & Dialects: Jamaican, Patois

Vocal range: Baritone to E


DES + as cast, M, Black-Caribbean, late 30s – late 40s

Lorraine’s (lead) father. Mechanic for the Omnibus Company. Quietly struggling with his role as a single father and the persecution he faces every day in his job.

 Accent & Dialects: Jamaican, Patois

Vocal range: High Baritone to Gb


GUY + as cast, M, Black-Caribbean, late teens to early 20s

Recently arrived in Bristol from Jamaica, like Lorraine feels disconnected from his new home

 Accent & Dialects: Jamaican, Patois

Vocal range: Tenor to Bb


HARRY MAGGS/IAN + as cast, M, White-British, mid 40s to mid 50s

Proprietor of the ‘Sticks and Stones’ Club, with his wife Pearl who he is desperately in love with. Gregarious, would prefer politics to be left at the door.


[Ian] General Manager of the Bristol Omnibus Company. Determined to uphold the colour bar in place, and that changing the policy is ‘out of the question’. Prejudiced and stubborn.


Accent & Dialects: Bristolian/West Country/RP

Vocal range: Tenor to G


PEARL, F, Black-Caribbean, mid 40s to mid 50s

Proprietor of the ‘Sticks and Stones’ Club, with her husband Harry. Takes pride in being the perfect host of a warm and safe space, knows everyone’s name. Takes Lorraine under her wing.

 Accent & Dialects: Caribbean

Vocal range: Mezzo-Soprano, belt to E 


BERT + as cast, M, White-British, late 30s to early 50s

Omnibus driver and Union member. Feeling threatened by the Bus Boycott movement he initially supports Ron & Ian in trying to undermine and intimidate the activists but is finally repelled by their actions and supports the lifting of the colour bar. 

 Accent & Dialects: Bristolian/West Country

Vocal range: Baritone to F


SECRETARY + as cast (Female white) F, White-British, 30s/40s

[Secretary] at the Bristol Omnibus Company/Teacher/Bert’s Wife/Reporter

 Accent & Dialects: Bristolian/West Country/RP

Vocal range: Soprano to A

For consideration, please email your CV, headshot & showreel/vocal reel to

with YOUR NAME/TTS in the subject box.

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