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 Award-Winning Talent Artistic Group are seeking outstanding triple threat performers & actors for their upcoming UK summer tours of 'Once Upon A Panto' & 'Spellz' for Haven Holiday Parks.


Tuesday 13th July 2021- Thursday 22nd July 2021 (9 days) 
Sunday 20th July Day off

Go Live - Friday 23rd July 2021 to Thursday 2nd September

Shared accommodation provided on the tour (Travelodge or similar) plus transport between venues.  

Rehearsals - own room accommodation provided, with shared living area, no food or subsistence provided.   

We are unable to guarantee any specific tour locations, and actors must be prepared to tour any UK region, as required.   All tours will rehearse and go live on the same dates. Actors will be required to attend post and pre-show activities, such as a photo shoot or a short performance piece, as required. 


To be considered please email casting@pearsoncasting.com with your CV, headshot & showreels & either YOUR NAME/ROLE/PANTO or YOUR NAME/ROLE/SPELLZ in the subject box.  Auditions will be via self-tape and Zoom auditions.  We do not accept any downloadable files.


Queen Brenda / Wanda (Traditional Dame)
Brenda is the queen of Pantoland and our traditional Pantomime dame. She leads the show, commands the stage and isn’t afraid to express herself. She can work an audience and think on her feet to ensure everyone is entertained. She is a larger than life queen who can sing and dance. Wanda is Brenda’s sweeter sister who is equally as hilarious.
Although played by the same person, this role needs to be completely contrast to Brenda and is bound to create laughter.


Daisy The Cow - Female
Daisy is a comical, funny cow who loves to show off her extravagant dance moves. She is full of life, very expressive. Her animal (cow like personality) will have the audience in stitches and not only that, her powerful voice will impress the audience.
She can riff and she is sassy!  Big belt required with ability to riff.


Princess Jasmine - Female
Jasmine is a princess who loves to sing and dance. Although she looks pretty and innocent, she can be strong and put up a fight. She has a stunning singing voice and her dance moves are impressive and she isn’t afraid to show off.
She is flirty and feisty.  A strong soprano/belter with MT/Pop crossover.


Buttons - Male
Buttons is a loveable character, a cheeky chap and a family favourite. They all want to be in his gang. The boys and girls will support him throughout the show and follow him on his journey in Pantoland.
He loves his music, his tunes and tries to get down with the kids but one thing is for sure, he can sing! His fabulous vocals are bound to serenade the princess.
Great audience interaction and a likeable personality is required for this role.  A pop/rock tenor with strong belt to A


Doc - Male

A brainy, enthusiastic scatterbrain, Doc is a loveable steampunk geek who conducts amazing scientific experiments on the stage. A larger-than-life David Tenant style personality required with great comedic skills and strong zany delivery. Charismatic British accent essential. Experience with science or magic an advantage - Must be confident with big bangs and confined spaces!

HEIGHT - NO TALLER THAN 5'11" due to an illusion.


Fletch - Male

Fletch is the Steampunk boy next door - outgoing and loveable, Grandma will fall in love with this cheeky, loveable actor who must be capable of holding the attention of a diverse family audience. An 'Ant & Dec' or 'Dick & Dom' style delivery needed from an extrovert actor/presenter who loves doing impressions. Should be able to work on and off script and have basic vocal skills for a comedy tongue twister. 

Penny - Female

An exceptional petite comedy actress needed - tomboy steampunk Penny is witty and likeable, a confident and feisty character. Must have a convincing American accent. Prior experience with magic/illusions or similar family science shows an advantage - must be confident with big bangs!

Height - NO TALLER THAN 5'7" due to an illusion.