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Pearson Casting in Association with Creative Studios by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Casting​ are excited to be holding auditions for new Queens to appear in this award-winning, Olivier Award-nominated, Tony Award-winning musical onboard the 

Norwegian Breakaway & Bliss in 2023 and beyond.



Sensational triple-threat singer/actor/dancers required to perform the SIX wives of Henry VIII as they reunite to tell their stories in the form of a pop concert.


Must have great contemporary pop voices, good comedic instincts, and be able to interact with an audience well. Gigging experience is a plus.


These roles are not solely limited to cisgender women; they are also open to transgender women, non-binary people and other people in the trans community who feel comfortable performing on stage as characters who are women. We are looking to cast the most exceptionally talented group of people, regardless of body type, ethnicity or height.


We are very keen to see performers who have played or covered lead roles. Please note we are also looking for offstage swings for this. All swings will be expected to learn all six tracks and be able to cover all roles within the show as required.

Playing age 18 - 30

Rehearsal Fee - $900 pw
Onboard Fee - $1350 pw

Single cabin, no duties.

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