Beauty and the Beast



(MALE, 21–40 YEARS)
Living all alone in his huge castle the Beast is a charismatic, physically imposing and at times terrifying creature who, despite his anger, is desperate to find someone to love in order to break the curse he is under.  By the end of the show, he and Belle have fallen in love and he's transformed back into the dashing Prince.  Great vocals, great mover.  The Playhouse Panto casting always reflects the rich diversity of our community and for this role, we are keen to see actors of all ethnicities.  BARITONE VOCAL - Top A.

Contract Details

Salary: £555.50 per week

Subsistence: £181.05 per week in Nottingham, where the actors home address is more than 25 miles from the theatre and they relocate into digs.

Rail Fares: If the actor lives outside of Nottingham. i) Start of engagement - Home to Nottingham ii) End of engagement - Nottingham to Home

Holiday: Accrued holiday paid at end of the contract.

Overtime: As per UKT/Equity Subsidised Manager’s Agreement