industry surgeries 

  How do you look to the industry right now?


We are offering a unique and tailored service with personalised feedback on your marketing tools and helping you see yourself as the industry sees you.

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Film a two minute self-tape either singing or performing 





We will offer:

  • Feedback on performance

  • Advice on presentation

  • Self-Tape tips



We will look at, and offer feedback to you, on the structure & functionality of your professional website.



We will offer feedback on:

  • Structure

  • Functionality 

  • Overall presentation

  • Content




We will look at, and offer feedback on, either your CV, Spotlight CV or profile.



We will offer feedback on:

  • Your headshot(s)

  • Layout of credits and skills 

  • Overall presentation

Cover Letter Surgery

How do you write to Casting Directors and Agents? You are introducing yourself as a business.



You write to us and we will offer feedback on: 

  • Content of the email

  • Language

  • Layout

  • Presentation

Social Media Analysis

Your social media is part of your branding for your business and should reflect you as such.


We offer:

  • Searching you across two social media platforms

  • Feedback to you on any negative footprints

  • Suggestions on how to better utilise social media for your business

Showreel/Vocal Reel Surgery

A great showreel or voice reel can be the difference between getting in the room and not being seen.

We will offer feedback on:


  • Structure

  • Overall presentation

  • Content

Refund Policy

If you would like to refund the service you have purchased, you need to do so within 30 minutes of your payment confirmation receipt.  This is because we might have begun working for you on your purchased surgery.

Refunds will be made within 7 days.  Please remember, depending on your bank's policy, this can take several days to reach your account.