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Così fan tutte is Mozart and Da Ponte’s final comic masterpiece. Two young men are persuaded by a friend to test the virtue of their fiancées by means of a cruel deceit: they disguise themselves and then each attempts to seduce the other’s girlfriend. When the women succumb, virtue is crossed – perhaps even double-crossed. Love, lust and desire are played out in a world in which the boundaries between what is real and what is make-believe are blurred.

Be transported to 1950s Coney Island for an unforgettable holiday filled with romance and intrigue in our ‘rollercoaster of a production’ (Evening Standard).

This is a remount of the production directed by Phelim McDermott. At the heart of this production is an ensemble of twelve specialist performers inspired by the Coney island side-show such as contortionists, strong men, fire eaters, acrobats and sword swallowers who work together to create and hold the visual imagery in the show.

See more about the show here 


A collaboration with English National Opera, in co-production with The Metropolitan Opera, New York.

We’re holding auditions for the skills ensemble in the upcoming English National Opera and Improbable production of 'Cosi fan tutte' directed by Phelim McDermott. 

We are looking for a group of 12 people who are both excellent ensemble players and also each have specialist performance skills and or physical attributes which means together they can create the atmosphere and character of the Coney Island side-show and carnival.

Non-singing and non-speaking parts.

We are looking for performers who love being part of a team. You will be on stage throughout the majority of the opera, bringing together the visual imagery of the production. While everyone does have moments to perform their own skills this production and role is mainly about ensemble working.  You might be performing, moving set and prop pieces or working together to create large scale images supporting the storytelling in the show. 


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