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42 balloons

Global Musicals & Alchemation, (the UK and US Producers of SIX The Musical), are delighted to be mounting a fully staged production of new British musical '42 Balloons' following its sellout concerts at the Vaudeville in 2023. This new production will be opening at The Lowry Theatre in April 2024.

2nd of July 1982. Using a lawn chair and approximately 42 helium-filled weather balloons, truck driver Larry Walters defied all the odds (and FAA airspace regulations!) to make his lifelong dream a reality and fly sixteen thousand feet above Los Angeles.
No, seriously. In a chair.

42 BALLOONS is an uplifting musical inspired by the highly improbable true story of how Larry, and his partner Carol Van Deusen, convinced their friends and family to help Larry achieve his dream of flying.

Featuring an irresistible, 80s pop-inspired score, 42 BALLOONS questions how far you would go to make your dreams come true. Is the sky actually the limit, and what happens if it doesn’t all go to plan?

Writer: Jack Godfrey 
Director: Ellie Coote 
Musical Supervisor: Joe Beighton 
Choreographer: Alexzandra Sarmiento

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